Saturday, March 28, 2009


Its not bad enough when you get to Metamucil age, but its nuts to have to be a detective to figure out what the labels mean on the products we buy. Not in all cases, but, it is very annoying that the product, Equate Fiber Therapy on the front of the label reads, 100% natural psyllium husk fiber. Doesn't that suggest to you that 100% of the contents of this package, which is meant to "Equate" to Metamucil, the big brand, big seller, is psyllium husk? Heck no! Its major ingredient is sugar. In other words, to obey truth in advertising, it should be reading Sucrose, with added psyillium husk and polysorbate-80, the other item on the list of ingredients. So, just what is polysorbate-80? Well, according to the woman who answered the telephone at Accumed, the company that produces this product for distribution at WalMart, it is a substance that helps the husk to mix with water. And, you have to look carefully to find the company Accumed on the label, as well. What are they trying to hide? Oh! But what about the salt content not listed in the ingredients and, instead listed under "Other information?"
"Those salts are part of the manufacturing process," I was told. Oh, but not in the ingredients? Why, I asked, is there more sugar than husk in this product? Her answer: "To equate to Metamucil."
Oh, boy. She offered to have a company spokesperson call me within 72 hours. The call came within hours and I was told my complaint would be submitted to the label design committee, must be those dummies fault.
If you really want a product without all that sugar with 100% psyllium husk, choose Yerba Prima brand Whole Psyllium Husk. It has NO other ingredients and is available at Trader Joes and a number of other stores and health food stores. And, the company name is prominently printed on the label in big letters. I get a bit fieisty when I've been duped.

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