Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I remember from years ago when the old folks would visit and discuss their illnesses, medications and operations. I'd shake my head in disgust and say, I'm never going to do that when I get old. BORING! Its kind of funny that when someone else has surgery, its pretty commonplace, right? Everyone has surgery, or so it seems. But when they are cutting on your own tender meat, that's different.
I had a massive, supposedly unrepairable rotator cuff with two detached tendons. That was one surgeon's diagnosis. A second from Dr. Kauffman of Sacramento Knee And Sports Medicine saw things differently and completely attached both tendons, sewed the cap and did it all orthoscopically. I'm totally impressed and doing grrrrrrreat, as Tony The Tiger would say. The staff was fun and competent and ON TIME. The surgery took less time than allotted. My anesthetic was two Celebrex and some numbing agent, two other little pills. I got home at 8:00 p.m. last night and I'm up and about today, much to my surprise. The top photo is in the prep room at the surgery center. The bottom photo is me in my Laz-E-Boy bed acting a bit goofy with an EKG of the brain. The most fun is when Jim comes in with a napkin over his arm and in pseudo french offers me a Celebrex on a plate. Laughter is healing and I'm done, finished with this subject.
Thanks for bearing with me.

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