Saturday, March 21, 2009


Four plus years ago, I opted to have solar panels put on my roof. I've been very happy with that decision, in fact, soooo happy I wanted to have solar on my cabin in Oregon. However, Oregon's Pacific Power would not offer net metering in 2005. I'm pleased to say that Pacific Power of Oregon now offers net metering. And, Oregon's Independence Station is planning to be the greenest building in the world with solar, ethanol, water catchment and reuse, plus other green features. Right now, in California, the Alameda County Jail has the biggest solar installation in the state. Green is beautiful. Its catching on and it is so profitable. Here is a list of my electrical bills for a two story 3000 sq. foot home in Murphys. 2005-$178.45, 2006-$210.18, 2007-$222.44, 2008-$72.83. That's per year folks. In all fairness, on top of that you have to pay the meter reading fee each month which comes to a little over $60 per year. Even so, solar pays and the price of electricity is going up. My next investment is to buy smart power strips which automatically sense when computer monitors, televisions and other electronic equipment is idle and automatically cuts the power. Electronic power "leakage" uses over $2 billion a year that could be saved. Do yourself and the planet a favor and go green.


Matthew D. Hardin said...

How many solar panels do you have? What is their ourput in watts?

Mary Matzek said...

Hi Matthew,
I have 18 panels. They are rated to produce 11 khw a day but often produce 15. They are bp panels which rate higher than some others. Low output in watts works with net metering, but not for direct current without the grid. You would need more panels, plus batteries, plus low juice appliances without net metering.
Power magazine is a great source of information all over the US.