Wednesday, November 13, 2019


We depend on our professionals, staid, serious, all of that. Nice to know they can also have a sense of humor:

One superior court justice to another:  "Gorgeous Day! Puts one in the mood for a landmark decision."    Ed Fisher from the New Yorker

Psychiatrist to patient:  "Good Lord!  I'd have guilt feelings too if I did something as rotten as that!"   Hoest in Good Housekeeping,

Elderly man to wife:  "You want to stay up for the weather forecast, or shall we wing it on my rheumatism?   From Field News.

Scientist to lab technician:  "At last!  A chemical with a name short enough to fit on our food label!"
 From Ralph Dunagin, Field News.

Man to travel agent:  "I'm planning this trip as a surprise for my wife. I'll cable her from Paris."
 Chon Day, New York Times

Doctor to overweight patient:  "And this medication should be taken on an empty stomach, Mr. Howard, if such an opportunity ever presents itself."   Campbell from Modern Medicine.
I guess we can call sarcasm humor.

I love this one:

IRS counselor to taxpayer:  "You can't use this loophole, it was designed for someone who makes a lot more money than you."  Ralph Dunagin, Field News.

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