Wednesday, August 17, 2016


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I've blogged pink slime, before, but it is time to re-visit that subject in view of what happened to Michal and Reno Niemi.
As a reminder, Beef Products Incorporated produces a finely textured beef product known as "pink slime".  This ingredient is found in many fast food hamburgers. This controversial ingredient is not disclosed on labels. ABC news was sued for defamation for bringing the topic into the limelight. Hah! BPI lost, but the message was clear.
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Now enter the Niemi's. They are a hardworking couple, that do just about anything you ask them to do. It is their start-up HandyFamily Business. At the end of the day, they go home to cook and feed five kids. As a rare treat, they stopped and bought a bag of McDonald Hamburgers for the kids.  Somehow, one hamburger fell down and got under the seat. Months later, when the the truck needed some work, they pulled out the seat and there was this perfect little hamburger. No mold, no sign of decay, it was a bit smaller, because it shrank. But, there it was. A perfect little crispy burger as though you could pick it up and eat it.  It was nice and dry and looked like it was almost fresh. Hmmm!  I wonder what was in that burger? It makes you think twice before feeding your kids a fast food burger. If it can't grow bacteria, if it doesn't spoil, do you really want to feed it to your kids?

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