Friday, April 22, 2016


We have a party person in our neighborhood. I believe GHC is the active ingredient in marijuana, a hot subject in Calaveras County.  Thus the party about GHC on the 20th, the day the government made some kind of announcement?  Unsure.
Can't drive, can barely type, incapacitated by my surgery-told I have massive tears and if I don't follow the rules to the letter, I may never be well. So, I'm resting. Can't drive, must depend on others for just about everything. House looking like a junk yard. Jim took pictures. We didn't stay long though Jan provided a great fun event.

DSC05116 (Copy)

DSC05117 (Copy)

DSC05118 (Copy)

I ate finger foods and wished there was MJ in the brownies. Maybe better than the oxcycotin they prescribed. I read where it is miracle drug for animals. Woof! Woof!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you get enough healing soon to make life worthwhile again. It is a bummer to be incapacitated, but it is usually just a temporary condition - aggravating when it is happening, but kind of like childbirth - you forget about the pain after it subsides!

Virtual hugs,