Friday, April 8, 2016


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Paul Moeller, a long time friend is temporarily in a convalescent home called Oak Terrace in Soulsbyville. He has had a series of physical set-backs, falls, broken bones. He has a lot of grit and he is working on his walking and physical therapy and determined to make it back to his home. For an 89-year-old, that is an optimistic goal.  I believe he is going to make it.
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On nice days, his personal caregiver, Nellie, assists him outside to spend time in the sun. In fact the sun was so bright yesterday, that he had to shut one eye to be able to look toward the camera.
It is a place that gives you pause as we all have end of life issues to think about and consider as we age. And, it is easy to see how a person can be very depressed and just give up. That isn't Paul's way and I have to admire his strength at this juncture to keep up the good fight for strength and a future of his own definition, which is home.

In the meantime, it behooves all of us to stop and smell the flowers. Intelligence for your life guru, John Tesh, reminds us that just touching a flower or seeing it can restore healing brain chemicals. Viewing nature from his terrace has a similar reaction.
A few flowers are in order.
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Lilacs fill my yard with fragrance.
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And, beauty.
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