Friday, October 17, 2014


Business and society thrive by investing in nature. I have Pax World Mutual Funds and their newsletter editor declared that human caused climate change is real. They busted the myths about climate change quite soundly.  Whether our representatives and senators want to believe it or deny it and fail to deal with climate change, corporations are preparing for the changes ahead. And Pax is adjusting their portfolios to include major corporations who are preparing for climate change NOW. I was so pleased to hear that.
September 1st, 2014 is designated as the 100 year mark when the last passenger pigeon died-a species that once numbered in the billions. It is the first acknowledged human caused extinction. To draw attention to how serious extinctions are, Andy Stern, a neurologist and activist has begun a project called fold the flock. They have a pattern for an origami passenger pigeon that you can fold. There are a number of different ways they will display them around the country. I'm going to do it, one for each of my grandsons.

We need to take climate change and extinctions seriously consider that there are only seven living white Rhinoceros in the Ol Pejeta  conservancy in Kenya.

In 2013 fifty-nine regular rhinos were killed for their horns and 302 elephants for their tusks. Their herds are now down to hundreds and extinction is likely in our lifetimes unless something dramatic changes.
With better co-operation between government and native populations, by making it profitable for natives to protect elephants and rhinos, this year, only 3 rhinos were killed and they are heavily guarded to the point were guards are corralling and sleeping with them.

We are all diminished by these extinctions. Please be an activist and do what you can to save our endangered species where and when you can. Subscribe to one of the magazines or environmental groups, like The Nature Conservancy, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Scientific American, African Wildlife Conservation, Natural Resources Defense council, (NRDC), Environmental Defense Fund, Living Oceans...  There are hundreds of hardworking non-profit groups fighting the battle. Let's help so our children and grandchildren can savor what we have left.

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