Saturday, September 28, 2013


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I spent a night in my own bed in Murphys last night. Ahh!  Felt good to be “home” even though I immediately miss the convenience of the motor home.  The night I spent with my daughters family near the airport was very enjoyable. I noticed my grandkids can sit down and have an adult conversation with me. Owen and I discussed whether you can clone people successfully and Theo, when I got up in the morning, offered to cook me breakfast. (Both boys get themselves up, feed the cat and chickens, make their breakfast, pack their school lunches, and get themselves off to school. Kind of put me in mind of the 26 year old who can’t fend for himself. But, Theo surprised me even more. He offered to fix me breakfast. They have four chickens that supply the family adequately with eggs.
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The eggs are organic, as is this borrowed carton. The last time I photographed the hens, one hen was laying bullet shaped eggs. She is now down to marble sized eggs and they expect her laying days are just about over. No matter, she will always be allowed to stay and peck bugs, and eat with the others.
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Theo put toast in the toaster oven, heated the pan and started. I was impressed. DSC01511 (Copy)I know I’m a biased grandma, but I was expecting cereal or toast.
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“I like to turn mine over but still keep the yolks runny. Do you like them this way Grandma?” Yup!  “You put a little butter on the edge of the spatula and it helps get under them without breaking the egg.”  He told me.
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And, then, he also told me how he likes to eat his eggs. He slides the whole egg on the toast before breaking open the yolk. Then, yum!  He very casually told me, “Oh, I fix myself eggs about twice a week.”
I have a feeling these boys will not be lazing around home with no ambition to do anything with their lives.

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