Tuesday, June 25, 2013


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Sunday night, I was invited to a moon watching party. My neighbor Jan loves things zany and fun. I showed up in my midnight sweater and yellow moon shirt, I intended to gossip and dish the dirt.
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I told them they wouldn't be seeing the moon because I lassoed it and cooked it like a young spring loon.
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Through the overcast, we didn't see a star, the moon was cooked or someplace far. But, Jan had a star tied to her fence;  I think we're both evil and must commence- a magic spell.
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But, the night was early, we munched and ate dinner and played games for hours, when the hint was for a swim suit the answer was flowers. Becky was jubilant when she guessed one right.  She wanted my hat, but I said, "not without a fight."
DSC07438 (Copy)
I did take pictures of it; not meant for a queen, it is more on the style of a time machine.
DSC07440 (Copy)
A moon at midnight, takes timing and watches, (that's literally watches the hat holds seven.)
DSC07441 (Copy)
It's power was weak, it didn't influence heaven.
DSC07427 (Copy)
As the evening wore on, Cheryl opened her pouch.DSC07429 (Copy)
An all-seeing crystal and rose, clear and smoky quartz. A geode of sky blue, magic was about.
DSC07431 (Copy)
Cheryl placed them strategically, a gateway to the moon.
DSC07437 (Copy)
Jan and I atoned for our evil sin. May the whole world let the light in..
DSC07436 (Copy)
...and find peace and love, everywhere. And, it works one person at a time, I know, I was there.
Happy Moonday!

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