Sunday, June 3, 2012


I finally got the ambition to vacuum up all that dust I wrote about yesterday without too much discomfort.  And, yesterday we were visited by a special investigator with the National Parks, sort of the FBI of the national parks.  We gave another taped account of the accident.  It  makes you wish they’d just share information. She said she would ask the Sheriff’s Department for a copy of their tape. I woke up with sand in the corner of my eyes, as I have every morning since the accident. I  thought about what I saw going down that hill and I realized for the first time that I had to have closed my eyes until the tumble and rumble stopped.  Significant of nothing.
I got a message from Vicky and Jeff that Sophie Zagar is in a rehabilitation center in Prescott where she will undergo extensive rehabilitation.  She was obviously in the most pain during those long  hours and it was so hard for everyone, because there was nothing we could do.  Sophie, you have no idea how glad we are to  know that you are  getting the care you need  and have your  loving  family around you.
Despite the heat, we had a nice breeze yesterday, and after dinner, we took a slow stroll around the park. It felt good to get out and walk and feel normal.  We met a full-time RVer named Pauline. She said she was so bereft when her only child moved with her grandchildren to New Zealand, she decided to hit the road. That was five years ago.  She joined the singles group, the LOWs, which stands for Loners On Wheels.  She now knows some of the same characters that Jim does with his nearly 17 years on the road. He belonged to the WINs, Wandering Individuals Network, and the two groups often meet and interact.  I’m admiring of women who have it together enough to be adventurers on their own and tackle life constantly on the move. It is an addicting lifestyle.
Our plan is to leave the park on Tuesday morning. We still have all those mundane chores.  Monday laundromat and shopping. Some mail to get out. And today, I’m going to finish our visit to the South Rim so I  leave this park with a positive and beauty in my  memory.  Jim is also ready to do that, though he declined yesterday.  We still both nap every day.
I keep a picture file of the last two year’s adventures on my computer. That way I can always look back at the fun times we had and feel joy.

Lunch at the Elephant Bar Palm Desert, California.

Netting Salmon on the Swinnomish  Reservation,  La Connor, Washington.

Hiking the Superstition Mountains,  Apache Junction,  Arizona.

Watching the Cabalgata in Columbus,  New Mexico.

The balloon ride with Fergie and company at Red Rock Park,  New Mexico.

Meeting the tattooed artist in Bisbee, Arizona.
Life is good.

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Overthetopcargotrailer said...

My god Mary you survive a near death experience and 5 days latter posing with that Hunky young Guy - your a Cougar on the prowl :-)) AMAZING

I think I can say your moving fast when it comes to moving on :-)) Nobody can bounce back like you can :-))

I will try to get out in July 1st for a 10 day test run with the trailer "in shalla" - that means God willing ! Still have some issues to iron out by then, to be safe I'll take a mechanican & civil engineere with me on the trip.