Thursday, May 3, 2012


Some people never throw anything away. You might think this is a junk-pile and you’d be right. If it is huge and rusty and unwanted, and useless in its present form?  George Manus will find a place for it.

A master welder and cat tamer, George has an eye for beauty and form. He finds a place for everything, including several feral cats he feeds and cares for.

Example. An  insect with parts most of us would have tossed. Maybe the legs came from an old chair or stool.

A giant spider with a bicycle seat head commands her giant television dish web.

A mad-cap driver; wait til you get a look at his face.

On this whimsical car, I didn’t see the garden rake until I saw the shadow of it in the picture.

If you like cowboys, he has several in his yard on the corner of Paisano and Skyline Rd.  in Albuquerque. He can be reached at 505-480-6370.

Or how about a dinosaur with a motorcycle engine case for a head?

Besides George, who would keep a rusted out old chain saw?

A fountain for your garden?

With metal critters cavorting in the water to come.

A frog stayed too long and the grass grew up around him.

A bulldog and a cat.  Men seem to like this type of art. Anything with car parts and machined pieces. It takes an artist to make them into something unique.

A bird and an eyeball on a stick.

George has two international shows per year, one in Colorado and another in California where he sells most of his stuff.

George is a corporate artist.  He sells  his work to  museums and parks and corporations.  His yard is a wonderful place to visit.

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