Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Departure from Sacramento, CA airport was a whole new experience. A new building, new shuttle, new sculpture. I had to relearn my way around. I don’t know what the exciting  rabbit sculpture  is made of but it looks like papier mache’, and isn’t he grand?

I read in the NY Times  if you ever want an upgrade to first class, you’d better be wearing a suit and tie.  I  like the freedom people have to dress comfortably while traveling. Travel brings  hassle enough without having  to be constricted in your clothing.  Flip flops, people glued to their cells, cleanly shaved or not. Makes for great people watching.

And then the excitement. While going through security, a SHOUT.  Security people answered loudly, halted the lines and in military precision took places and stood at attention. Silence. It was strange, the only sound was  the loudspeaker, regularly  announcing flights. .

Everyone waited,  suspended. After several minutes, a  few people began to ask what was going on. Is this a drill?  Finally the security leader gave the loud ALL CLEAR.  And the same answering shouts as personnel returned to their original positions. A security person came to our line and pushed through someone’s luggage and told the person about to approach the exray belt, “This luggage goes through first.” And then everything returned to normal. No explanations. We couldn’t tell what had just happened, except to suspect someone was removed from that line and taken away. We didn’t see the owner of the luggage return.

Of course, the real excitement was getting to see my sweetie again, waiting patiently at the airport in Albuquerque.

Jim was pleased to point out to me that Albuquerque’s airport is all solar. And I was pleased to learn that. I so wish more builders would do the same.  Such a cost savings for we beleaguered taxpayers.

And then…and then…we were hung up in traffic just six cars away from the intersection.  We waited through many green lights. Those vehicles in a position to do so, turned around and tried to find a way out. We could tell that a Highway Patrolman was stopping the traffic. No accident. Then a phalanx of motorcycle cops, a couple sirens, passed through. We guessed that some dignitary was being escorted through town,( though we didn’t see a limo), but  all we commoners had to wait.  When we turned onto the major thoroughfare, we saw bright ribbons on two light-post stanchions leaving us to wonder anew for what we had waited?

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