Wednesday, July 27, 2011


As part of simplifying my life, I’m removing files and pictures from an old computer. The process is difficult because electronics don’t always respond the same way every time. I have this experience often and someone, (I won’t say who) blames it on human error. But why should electronics be any different from a human or an animal? They don’t respond in the same way either.

This mutt I met on my walk yesterday, was on the opposite side of the street. He stopped, looked at me warily and then crossed over in front of me and headed for the woods. Very untrusting and unfriendly.

This stray cat, on the other hand,  is thin. Her fur is  full of burrs and pitch. She has let me pet her. She is  quite trusting and friendly.
Jim’s free call from his computer had electronic overtones  yesterday. And, my camera has again decided not to flash.   I can only say who can understand electronics…or strays.
The picture project is difficult. Some burns produce a sensible album from picture   jpeg#147 to 260. Others divide, with 1 picture in one file, 26 in another, 39 in another and so on. They come up  jumbled and out-of-order. The computer technology is ancient,  from 2003.

I’m leaving to visit my daughter for a couple of days, so I may as well enjoy the flowers I see on my morning walk. They, my friends, are constantly changing, but I understand them.  They never do anything that I don’t expect.

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