Tuesday, December 14, 2010


MVP RV has built an all electric RV. Brad Williams CEO, and his partner Winston Chung, who developed the special ion battery for it, each own their own luxury electric RV. "Chung says, telephone lines came after the first phone call." Williams' all electric RV, on its first trip,  traveled 180 miles at 60 and 70 MPH. It has two flat screen televisions, washer, dryer, dishwasher and all of the comforts of home for only $750,000. It takes 20 minutes to charge with a 220 volt station, or as much as 24 hours with regular electricity. Until there are more electric charging stations in California, the Winston isn't for sale.
We had a fascinating  glimpse of the past RVing world in August. at the RV Hall of Fame in Indiana.

The basics is what you could expect then.
Even so, I have good memories of taking our kids out in a tear drop trailer similar to this one and cooking off the back. The kids slept inside.
This little Airstream trailer looks like a miniature, but they were an industry icon at one time and there are still many of them on the road today. Oh, to own an Airstream, aero-dynamic, less wind resistance...that is how the industry developed, better mileage, greater comfort.  
The amenities eventually came, indoor plumbing.
Heating and refrigeration.
Todays RVers own every type of vehicle imaginable. We see many, huge, luxury behemoths on the road, but most are more efficient, modest motor homes like ours.
 It doesn't really matter what type of rig you have. RVers want to be outside, enjoy nature and get away from it all.
As an electric vehicle owner, I'm very interested in the development of electrics. I love my zippy Prius Hybrid. My electric scooter is a handy machine.  Electrics have come a long way. I hope they make them affordable soon.


Asim Alvi said...

I wish I had one of those parked in front of my house, all tanked up & ready to roll.Thanks for sharing it on this blog, and we'll keep coming back for more!

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Mary Matzek said...

Thanks for stopping by.
That rig just left my driveway yesterday morning without me. Boo hoo. Jim is headed for a warmer climate, Palm Desert.

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