Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm on the road again and couldn't resist a last picture of wildflowers as I left Murphys. This rock pile along the new by-pass sprouted natives and may never be as prolific again. Some people don't realize that Cal-Trans actually seeds these natives when they disturb the native soil. A nice idea.

Got to taste a new beer at my daughter's before she took me to the airport. Yeah, good stuff. Black Toad. Love the fun names of all the new wines and beers.

Its nice to be back in my motor home "office" and reunited with my partner. He picked me up in beautiful Asheville, N.C. A change of planes at Houston put me in a B127 express jet without enough room for all of the carry-ons. Thus my camera ended up in the belly of the plane. The view from the small jet window over the mountains and lakes and fields was picturesque...but no camera. By the way, Continental Airlines served us a meal, unexpected but welcome. Just thought you should know.
The Great Smokey Mountains, a long time goal of mine, is next on our itinerary. 

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