Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ivoryton is a small community that feeds into several nearby small towns. The Jaillet children attend Essex Elementary School which has about 500 students, Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Unknown to us, and to her parents until yesterday, 9 year old Jaime, a fourth grader, won first place in a poetry contest sponsored by VFW Post 6726 of Centerbrook. Not even the teachers knew who won the contest until the Commander of the post announced them at this Flag Raising Ceremony.

Jaime and the 2nd and 3rd place winners each read their poems that describe what they perceive about Memorial Day, and why it is important to celebrate our vets and remember their contribution to us all. Jaime displayed great confidence and an excellent speaking voice. Her parents, and Pepe' Jaillet were noticeably proud and moved.

Father Jim shares a tender moment after the ceremony.

Happy Mom, Wendy, too.

And, Pepe' Jaillet.

When our children are grown, we forget how talented young children are. The program was announced by Graham Rider. The band played "You're A Grand Old Flag",  the Pledge Of Allegiance was led by student Mitchell Conrad,  the Star Spangled Banner was sung by Mrs. Deborah O'Donnell. Then the guest speaker, Cadet Mary Watson, one of many veterans participating in the day's activities, explained the importance of honoring vets to a mixed age audience. No small feat. The winning students shared refreshments with the Vets and got tips from them on what it means to serve in the armed forces.  For more pictures, click on the album below:

Later in the day, we attended Jaime's softball game.

 Jaime is a member of the Twins, and here, at bat, she swung and missed in this shot. She later scored the first run for her team, which eventually lost to the Angels.  Girls and boys softball is huge in this area. Jaime loves the game and the girls look like mini-pros as they pitch, catch and command their positions. The rules are friendlier, only 6 innings. The girls can only make five runs in an inning, then they trade positions. Mom, Wendy appreciates that winning isn't the most important aspect of a ball game for kids. Sportsmanship, teamwork and fun are promoted with learning how to win and lose gracefully. Good healthy stuff for kids.

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