Monday, April 26, 2010


That old song has many ramifications, but at home, its a myriad of tasks. Spring chores and spring cleaning have always been a pleasure for me. Getting up on the roof, uncovering the swamp coolers, hosing pollen off the solar panels, blowing the leaves off the roof, feels good. I don't enjoy cleaning gutters or rattling the chains in the chimney. Planning and planting a garden have always been high on the list.  In the house, taking curtains down, washing windows, cleaning fan blades, and in general, refreshing everything and maybe changing the furniture around, puts a spring in my step.
None of those things happened this year. Not only was the rain incessant, the weeds tall enough to cover the windows, and my time at home temporary, but I've passed into another life, ramblin' in a Motor Home. My friends and family don't really understand that I've discovered the benefits of living small, and seeing it all.

Even so, its was nice to get the ceiling repaired and repainted.

It took two days to vanquish the weeds and chop down trees threatening to fall. Everything had to be done between the storms.

 Instead of helping,  I spent my time playing cards with my sister and brother who don't visit very often.

  It makes sense to concentrate on the important things like the wonderful new card game, Quiddler, and company. The rains are coming back tomorrow and I'm in no hurry to do battle with the elements. Must be time to squeeze in a gathering of the neighbors. 

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