Monday, March 29, 2010


I've always enjoyed watching the political conventions when the speaker would introduce the state representative, and he would identify himself as being from "...the Great State of Louisiana." Or the great state of Iowa, with that fun bit of fanfare and pride.
As I get ready to leave for home tomorrow to take care of business, that voice is speaking in my head and reminding me of what I now know from "...the Great State of Louisiana."
Folks along the way have asked me, what was your favorite place? What did you like most? Some places we visited are more or less interesting than others, but it is the whole experience, of slipping through small towns that seem to move you back in time about 40 years, or dallying along the many River Roads lined with bowers of giant oaks and stately mansions, or quaint subsistence shacks and  rusty swamp water. The hundreds of bridges and canals and waterways and  boats you can't get away from if you wanted to. Watching the season change in the swamps from no leaves, to feathery greens. Pulling into town and seeing another Washington St., another Main St., another Iberia St. Enjoying the background sounds of Cajun music from a nearby campsite as people play with their kids and roast marshmallows. The many unbelievably beautiful sunsets that traveling in a motor home allows you. From parish to parish, the difference in how they care for their roads, whether they keep things neat an clean, the signage, do they recycle.  The cities all offer something different, all tout their special appeal, their food, and attractions. Each unique.

Then I thought to find a picture from each town we went through. Too difficult, too many to choose from.  Suffice it to say I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to spend almost 8 weeks in one state and do and see whatever popped into view and I feel I know why each speaker says with such pride, its real, "...from the Great State of Louisiana!"

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