Sunday, January 31, 2010


When television leapt into our living rooms and found a permanent audience, it gradually changed the news as we knew it.
President Eisenhower's every golf stroke was news. We saw him repeatedly, every angle of his bald head, every short walk on the White House lawn; Maime's hats and silver ware. They told us everything but how often he pooped.
It got worse from there.
Being on the road removes you somewhat from the day-to-day, hour-to-hour sensationalism. I can mourn our collectively twisted values from afar-each party racing to see who can raise the most money in the shortest amount of time. It reminds me of kids seeing who can spit the watermelon seeds the farthest. Except, seed spitters do no harm.
Our elected officials probably mean when well when they go to Washington. Then, its the culture of the beltway to lower your degree of intelligence or think of personal gain instead of governance as an honorable institution. The whole media circus disgusts me and our "celebrity" elected officials makes us look cheap in the eyes of the world with their denials, affairs, lies, uncivil manners and serving moneyed interests instead of the people who work and live in this country.
I'm on a rant because I just saw a picture of our wonderful elected officials playing solitaire and getting the latest sports scores on their computers during a presentation on the senate floor. I didn't check it with snopes to be sure the screens weren't altered, but my gut feeling is, that is what they do. If I play solitaire during work hours, I would get fired.

My answer is this poem:

Watch out! We will be heard,
The whole world's in trouble
And you just scratch your beard,
Or play games on your computer
As if you hadn't heard.

Watch out! We're stupid you think?
We scorn the way you use our money,
From hard choices, we do not shrink,
Liars, cheats, corrupted creeps,
Come election, fear US, you prinks.

Watch out! We plan to fight,
We'll force upon you common sense,
Ignore your celebrity crap,
And reverse our convoluted laws,
Until our future again looks right.

Where are you Will Rogers when we need you?

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