Friday, January 29, 2010


Luckenbach, Texas is as 'down home' as you can get in the West. We stopped to hear Jimmy Lee Jones play his guitar and sing for tips in the afternoon. The weather was rain off and on and we wondered whether anyone would show up. I guess we underestimated this bump in the road made famous in song by Waylon Jennings in 1977. Thay do-o-o- come! (I tried to write that with a Texas drawl, but I don't know how to do it.)
Jimmy Lee sang a song called Mary. He told me she lived in California and he was sorry he ever let her go. He left a C.D. with his phone number on it the last time he was in California, but she didn't call. I told him, I would have called. He is quite good, most of his music is original. Willie Nelson calls him Texas' best kept secret. Jimmy calls himself, the no hit singer.
In the evening, Scooter Pierce, a tenor crooned, "oh whiskey you are a friend of mine..." She admitted her voice has been graveled by whiskey and smokes. Her range may have been limited, but she is strong singer, interesting to watch and hear. Connie, the woman on the left, was once a part of the same Gypsy Cowgirls singing group and joined in with and without guitar, whenever she felt inclined, as did a number of other male patrons around the bar. Wanna be pickers and singers jammed with the featured players whenever they felt the notion. There was fun without pretension. No one here is looking for or expecting fame. They just enjoy doing what they like.

The walls around the place are filled with fun stuff. Behind the bar a sign declares If you are drinking to forget, pay in advance.
Luckenbach was founded in 1849. Its just a few buildings with three houses and a combination general store, Post Office and bar. The store still has merchandise from long ago mingling with sunglasses, t-shirts and C.D's. Lots of beer goes through this little bar. And a dance hall on the same property has a dance on Saturday nights. The Post Office officially closed in 1971.

I'm crazy about chickens. I've had chickens for most of my life and this ole' rooster, along with a bunch of others was running around in the yard. I had to take his picture. If I was able to, I'd have taken him home.
We met a guy in the bar named Walt who worked the Saudi oil fields for 26 years. Earned a gob of money. He is a self proclaimed poet and recited several during the afternoon and evening. Fun stuff. He said, he could move anywhere in the world, but he just can't get away from Luckenbach.
Jim doesn't often wear anything but sweats, but I got him in his favorite western gear for Luckenback. Guess we have to come back more often

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