Friday, February 28, 2020


Most of my news comes from my newspaper. I was under the impression that the powers that be were trying to make voting easier, by having more voting days, meaning more choices. What a shocker when I found out that there is NO PLACE IN MURPHYS to vote. I've lived here for 44 years and there is not place to vote in Murphys? How can that be. Guaranteed, voting will be down from normal with conditions I will list:

I can vote election day in Arnold at the Library. Take note, Arnold is an area with more vacation homes than permanent residents. They are only open election day.  Did I get something in the mail explaining all of these changes?  NO!  Arnold is twenty-five miles from me one way. Drive 50 miles to vote?  Not very practical for most people I know.

Tomorrow, on a Saturday,  I can drive to Angels Camp, only eleven miles from my house to go and vote. Is it in a recognizable hall? NO!  I was told over the phone, go to Stanislaus St until it ends, turn right , then another right on Tuolumne St. and signs will direct you where to go. Again, this is the only day that site will be open. When our voting ability has gotten worse, not better, turnout is sure to be diminished.

I'm really bummed about this and feeling helpless to do anything about it.  A letter to the newspaper may help get people riled up before the general election. Riled up enough to perhaps get some stability in our election process. Democracy depends on our right and our ability to vote.

I'm still stunned that this is so.

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