Monday, December 23, 2019


The day before yesterday, I spent a solid two hours blowing acorns off my deck and sidewalks and driveways. Thousands of them. Radio personality, John Tesh, on Intelligence For Your Life, talked about the new fad food making the rounds- acorn meal. He mentioned starving squirrels. I wish he could direct them to my house.
After blowing the acorns I realized they were still there,  thickly clustered around the perimeter of   my driveways, decks and walking areas. Dang!  Dust pan after dust pan load  I dutifully removed and  tossed into tree barren areas. Aha! Problem fixed.
Yesterday we were warned of a huge storm coming in with lots of rain. Ferocious winds blew all day with no sign of rain. Acorns blew down with such force the acorns popped like firecrackers on the hard surfaces. The rains eventually came in a torrent dropping even more of the unwelcome crop of squirrel food. ( I only have two squirrels in my yard.)
I carefully opened the curtains this morning. There were puddles of acorns near the downspouts swirling there with equal numbers of  broken twigs,  dead leaves and in some areas huge dead branches fell in the yard. My decks look like they have acorn chicken pox.
But, on the bright side, it looks like an abstract painting. 

One of these days, soon I hope, I'm going to learn how to put a picture on this blog. My new computer is wonderful but non techies like myself are still on a learning curve. 

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