Friday, March 4, 2016


R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., founder and editor of the American Spectator, claims liberalism is dead. It looks to me like the Republican Party is in disarray, befuddled and crying out for help. Asking Mitt Romney to step in and diss Trump. They have two presidential candidates who have the lowest voting records and attendance in Congress, Rubio has produced NO legislation and missed 35 per cent of the votes on bills in congress and Cruz has the third worst attendance and missed 24 per cent of votes in congress. (Republican Lindsay Graham, is in second place, having missed 28 per cent of the votes.)  And, their leading candidate continually has a problem with the truth?
The party hopefuls are confessing to hold their nose if they have to support Cruz. Tyrrell sizes up President Bill Clinton saying "He did little to resuscitate liberalism."   He may not have resuscitated liberalism, but he turned the party progressive. He got the country moving. Jobs were soaring, the biggest national debt in history, at that point, left by Reagan, was paid off. Clinton poured surplus money into social programs that conservatives had "borrowed"from like Social Security. And he left us with a balanced budget, and a huge surplus.
Then G.W. Bush spent it all on a war started with a lie. His Vice President, Cheney claimed, "...deficits don't matter." Huh!
 And, now Tyrrell for the second time is declaring that the Democratic Party is a relic?  In his words, "It is astonishing that so few Americans-even conservatives-recognize it." Maybe it is the Republican Party that needs an autopsy.
 People are tired of a do-nothing congress controlled by conservatives. People are tired of conservatives starving institutions like the Food and Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency, and The United States Forest Service so they can't do their jobs. People are tired of a party that denies the very existence of science. Looks to me like revolution in the country and we have Trump and Sanders to thank for that.

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vmat said...

The Trump supporters are not leading a revolution against conservative control of Congress. They are not leading a revolution for social programs, liberalism, respect for science, or anything else that you hold dear. They are not railing against the power of money in government. They are the right wing of this country, and they are railing against government itself.

Trump's supporters express all the worst instincts that the Republicans and the Tea Partiers have been encouraging since the beginning: racism, scapegoating of immigrants, political obstructionism, denial of science, wild conspiracy theories. The Trumpists ARE the new Republican Party, and the GOP is just reaping what it has sown.

But don't believe me, believe this Republican, who calls Trump the party's own Frankenstein monster. Brought to life, fed and nurtured by the worst dark leanings of the nutjob right wing,it now has the temerity to turn on its creator.

What I can't understand is why you seem to think this is a good thing. I mean, I would normally be happy to see the Republican Party commit suicide, but not at the price of giving us a president like Trump.