Thursday, April 10, 2014


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The late rains have brought out the wildflowers and we thought it would be a shame to miss them with the lens. So out, we went. I admire every year this knobby hilltop when it get's taken over by swaths of white and yellow in its green meadows.
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We crossed the bridge to Tuolumne County and noticed the swaths of purple taking over the barren banks of the reservoir.
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The purple is most likely a combo of lupines and purple vetch, above. The lupines are big and showy this year.DSC04301 (Copy)

And they seem to like the same soil as these small yellow California poppies.
DSC04322 (Copy)

It seems so sweet of them to cover ugly spots and beautify the scraggliest places along the road. Wouldn't we feel cheated without them in the spring?
DSC04324 (Copy)

A close up of the poppy blanket.
DSC04314 (Copy)

Here and there is this orange flower.
DSC04309 (Copy)

Some pretty blue bells.
DSC04316 (Copy)

And a buttery yellow flower that grows bushlike.
DSC04305 (Copy)

Two types of insignificant, tiny, white flowers cover the forest floor.
DSC04304 (Copy)

Unless you look closely, you don't notice the difference.
DSC04318 (Copy)

What they lack in size they make up for in numbers. These tiny beauties can cover acres of ground on a hillside, and make themselves tall in the shade of trees.
DSC04329 (Copy)

Looking back at the river from our hillside perch, we saw about five red tail hawks combing the area for food.
DSC04327 (Copy)

Graceful wings, just there to offer more beauty to our day.
DSC04337 (Copy)
Man made signs, have  beauty too.  We returned to Calaveras County, a day well spent. Tomorrow, I'll try and figure out how to provide a  slide show of all the pictures. It will probably be my last blog before leaving for Turkey. I heard from our guide today and his information has rearranged my packing and what I will bring.

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