Saturday, August 10, 2013


It rained and rained and rained some more, yesterday. We snuggled in to  read books, which is always a treat.
I subscribe to gas.2.0 and always find interesting content since I own an electric hybrid Toyota, and the site covers all vehicles electric and otherwise. On August 4th, he blogged that electric car sales rose 530% over 2012. There are people resistant to the new technology, but other countries have gainfully embraced it.
That said, Nissan, Honda and Toyota have decided to work together and standardize the electric plug for EVs. Next on the list, is standardizing the pumping stations to remove one of the perceived obstacles in going electric.
Now, Gas.2.0 gives information on all sorts of vehicles? The Spyder home airplane is now available in the
 U.S. in kit form.

 Ultralight aircraft manufacturer Greenwing International has just released pricing for its latest all-electric airplane, the eSpyder – and, for just $39,990, you can park one in your garage today. In kit form, anyway.
According to GreenWing’s stated figures, the 32 hp electric motor can propel the eSpyder to maximum air speed of 68 mph. Peak efficiency, though, is found in an “economy cruise” mode that holds the tiny plane at 38 mph, which translates to about 90 minutes of flying time in between 2-3 hour battery charges. Spiffy. Not for me, but, down the line..who knows.  It may be the wave of the transportation future along with driverless cars.
And why would a vehicle site be interested in Fracking and agriculture?  Because we are talking fuel, here. Fracking is touting jobs they can’t deliver and the oil industry is holding onto an unsafe process with a death grip.
American farms are struggling to attract workers. Farmers have jobs, but no applicants – and they concede that the problem is only getting worse as innovation in alternative fuels like ethanol and biodiesel, as well as growing demand for the materials necessary to make plant-based renewable plastic pushes up demand for their products to the point that there are thousands of jobs waiting to be filled.
With green jobs growth out-pacing literally every other US industry, this is a serious problem.  And with a whole new generation of college students entering the arena in the spring, maybe someone should promote American Ag degrees.
Thank you Gas.2.0 for writing my blog today.

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