Tuesday, May 28, 2013


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Camp Hostess, Pam, arranged for a Memorial Day Service at the entrance gate. The VFW came earlier than planned, gave their 21 gun salute and left before any one had a chance to gather. She explained there had been a snafu about timing. She read a script about honoring those who served and invited any veterans to speak to the crowd.
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This woman, a veteran herself, has two sons in the  military.
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This veteran spoke and saluted.
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This woman spent 20 years in the military.
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Jim got up and surprised himself; he got choked up and could hardly speak.
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Following the pledge of allegiance and a song, My Country T’is Of Thee, the parade of decorated golf carts made their way to the Family Center.
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Then the walkers followed the golf carts.
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This family joined the walkers.

I’m so anti-war.  Most of the invasions we’ve made on behalf of our government are in support of some corporate economic issue rather than defense of our country. The money spent on war could be put to such better use. But, make no mistake, being anti-war does not mean I don’t support our troops. I believe we should reinstate the draft and let all socioeconomic groups be responsible for military service and readiness.
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Bottom line, for me, Memorial Day is remembering our troops, those who served and those who fell.  It is not un-American to disapprove of war.

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