Monday, August 15, 2011


Somehow we had the idea that Olga and Rosario were the other two main communities on the Island. And, in fact, we don’t know what the people count is near Olga and Rosario. In reality, they are very small. We dead ended here, looking for an old strawberry cannery turned into a gallery. The store was closed.

The small dock…

…and private beach picturesque.

I peeked through the window of the unmanned Post Office and saw approximately 60 boxes.Then as we drove away, the only other major building we had passed turned out to be the cannery, art gallery and Olga Cafe.  We stopped and found some interesting artwork, that even Jim enjoyed.

They had quite a collection of home made rugs and woolen woven goods of good quality.  In a motor home buying anything bulky is out of the question. I enjoyed some small things, cat etchings and clever multi-media stuff.

Beautifully handcrafted leather photo albums.

Then we drove away without taking a picture of the building.  But, on to Mt. Constitution, the highest point on the Island.

More misty distances. The air is exhilarating and the pictures don’t do the feeling of being on top of the earth justice.

I tried another panorama shot with my new camera , but somehow, it doesn’t seem as interesting as the one I took at Rosario Marina. A click will enlarge it.

I enjoyed the photo of the giant pickets in this old board fence that lines the climb up to the viewing platform at the top of Mt. Constitution.  I took the picture on the way down.  Before we set out for our day on the island, Jim discovered two large oil spots beneath the Bronco.  The mechanic at Jiffy Lube failed to tighten the oil pan nut.  Jim tightened the nut. As a precaution, Jim crawled under to check it again before we headed down the mountain and found the transmission fluid was now leaking. Ever prepared, he had a bottle of transmission stop leak in the Bronco. That got us home and the leak is temporarily gone. A  major seal job is set for next week.
I liked this poem dedicated to Rosario’s  one-hundred year celebration  and forgot to include it in yesterday’s blog:
God molded an Island and shaped it fair,
He planted the pines and the maiden hair,
He drew about it the shining sea,
And said, “Work makes beauty eternally.”
On the Island one dreamed of a castle rare,
Wide in portal and broad of stair,
So, he wrought and carved by the shining sea,
Until his dream became beauty eternally.
Then, a woman crossed the threshold there,
The castle was home through her loving care
God wrought a man and woman-and lo!
Together they builded Rosario.
Author is G.H.E.

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