Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Living on the road, you depend on service people you don't know. These nice ladies at Hair Etc, in Ivoryton,  took me as a walk in, gave me a great haircut,  and then gave me information about good restaurants in the area.
I chuckle when I think about it because they were so enthusiastic and friendly and helpful. Even the customers were suggesting places for us to eat. In the end, they collectively decided one place would fit my agenda, Harbor Seal.  The shop's owner had Heather, a customer, write down detailed  instructions, while she was getting her hair combed.  Its music for an out-of-towner to find such caring assistance and I appreciate those folks who cheerfully bent over backwards to help me find the perfect place to eat.

  This friendly gent allowed me to take a picture of him getting ready to board his bike. I liked the license plate, SMOKIN. Way to go, Gramps.

And here you can have a Teeter-Totter on a playground.  No one worries these kids will hurt themselves. (They've been banned from playgrounds in California.) Most likely, someone got hurt, and sued, and the insurance companies will no longer insure them. I resent that insurance companies lobby to make their reach into our pockets indispensable and then alter our lives by coding what we can and can't have.

We spent most of the day cleaning the motor home in and out. Its a travel day for us as we head to Newport, RI. Maybe. I left my camera in the restaurant last night. We were helping Jim and Wendy Jaillet celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary.  

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