Saturday, November 29, 2008

Maybe an ax murderer?

My journey with "The Ramblin Man" began Nov. 21st. Before I signed up as a blogger, I kept a journal, thus several entries follow. Hopefully daily entries hence.

With butterflies in my stomach, I left all that is familiar, house, yardwork, responsibilities (great) wonderful neighbors and friends, familiar surroundings, (not so great), to take off with a STRANGER!!! Egads! What's to become of one such as me to place life and limb into the hands of a stranger? Well, he did tell me to check him out with the penal authorities....hmmm! He spent two weeks on my driveway in his RV and all the neighbor dogs liked him. The neighbors too. I went for it!!


Virginia said...

Nah....he looks more like a stiletto murderer. Maybe a dagger murderer. Definitely not the axe type.

Virginia said...

Hey grandma, I made my own blog also! What a coincidence!

Check it out at