Tuesday, February 26, 2013


DSC03368 (Copy)
We read a forbidding weather report and the day dawned dark and cloudy. This squirrel outside our window didn’t seem to mind a bit.
DSC03369 (Copy)
We blogged, showered and breakfasted and got to the arboretum just as it opened. It is part of the park. The first raindrops had already started.
DSC03372 (Copy)
Inside, good displays, pictures of plants identified. Braille leaves like these and bird and animal sounds. Great stuff for kids and big kids. We took the trail maps and chose the shortest one.
DSC03373 (Copy)
I finely learned that this flower is a carolina jasmine. A woody, twisty vine.
DSC03377 (Copy)
The woods are gray and drab during the winter, but you get to see the “bones” of the forest.
DSC03378 (Copy)
DSC03380 (Copy)
Bright, shiny leaves against the forest gray, draw the eye. A swamp magnolia.
DSC03395 (Copy)
White patches of christmas lichen. Named so because you can also find it in pink, turquoise, green and yellow. Sometimes on the same tree.
DSC03385 (Copy)
More of it on this dead branch.
DSC03407 (Copy)
A toothache tree. So called because of the swelling bumps that develop on the bark. Double click to enlarge.
DSC03387 (Copy)
The swamp has  more mature cypress than Sam Houston Jones State Park, and less light on this moody day. The rain is stronger.

DSC03401 (Copy)

DSC03391 (Copy)
The rain chased us home.
DSC03413 (Copy)
Shortly after we settled in, the skies dumped and obliterated the air, the ground, everything. It poured, hailed, and quickly flooded the area around us. We gave up on the idea of hauling our clothes to the laundry. We stayed in all day and read, edited pictures,  uploaded albums and took care of on-line chores. Not without jumping once in a while at a gunshot loud thunder-clap. It rained so hard,  several times I felt the ceiling inside the closets because I feared they must be leaking. Thankfully not.


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